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At Mount Street we are in a position to give advice on the best strategy for your savings. We can examine your short, medium and longer term goals and design a savings plan that ties in with your future goals.


Wealth preservation has been at the forefront of many investors’ goals for a number of years. People tend to invest with the aim of growing their wealth. In recent years there has been more of a focus on protecting your wealth. At Mount Street we believe that an individual’s circumstances, combined with future goals and requirements coupled with your appetite for risk will decipher how you should invest your money.

We adopt a strict investment philosophy which enables us to analyse and implement the most suitable strategy based on individual circumstances. Following a strict process also enables us to remove the psychological battle that often comes into human behaviour when considering investing.

Our philosophy will help you understand how an investment portfolio can work for you over the years ahead and will also help you build an appropriate portfolio of diverse assets from cash deposits to unit linked funds, property investments, stockbroking accounts etc.


For those who are interested in model portfolios we have platform access (Conexim) to the majority of the largest funds and fund managers globally, as well as direct equity investments, fixed income securities and exchange traded funds, from all international markets.

Conexim also offer a range of independently constructed Risk Rated Model Portfolios built by 3rd party world class fund managers across active, passive, and evidence based investment styles.


For those with historical losses that they wish to offset, or for those who would like to build into their portfolio the option of being able to offset future losses, we have access to Capital Gains Tax portfolios. These can be accessed directly through a stock broking account or via a model portfolio. Please contact us for further information.


Whether it be for a rainy day fund, an up and coming wedding or children’s future education costs, we are in a position to advise on the best place for your regular savings. Whilst deposit accounts are appropriate for short term savings, the current environment of low deposits rates combined with the unfavourable DIRT tax makes deposit accounts a less attractive option for medium to longer term savings.

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