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We conduct comprehensive reviews of a client’s financial situation, examining their current and future resources and obligations and develop a strategy to suit their individual needs. Factors included are:

Investor time horizons, Individual tax circumstances, liquidity and income requirements and lifestyle and attitude to risk

We assist in implementing the agreed strategy and where client's require it we monitor the ongoing performance of their assets ensuring the balance between, risk, growth and liquidity is consistant with the client’s plans. In addition to standard investments the Healthcheck can encompass:

Protection plans (including mortgage and health protection), Life assurance, Savings whether in funds or on deposit, Pension plans (including UK policies and pensions left behind in previous employments).

Experience has shown the simple process of carrying out a financial healthcheck can result in significant savings and highlight simple changes which should be put in place.


Where a client has a family and wants to ensure they are looked after in the event of their ill health or death, we can provide expert advice. We can also advise where the cover is related to more commercial matters such as business loans and mortgages.

Life Cover, Personal, Mortgages, both family home and investment properties.

While death is considered most frequently when putting insurance in place, income protection is frequently overshadowed. In the event of not being able to work, a family can lose a significant amount of the household income. We have vast experience in this field and can advise on the most appropriate cover and the best rates in order to mitigate the financial impact illnesses & accidents can have on family life.


Many investors do not realise it is possible to renegotiate the cost of their existing cover, either by moving their business or very often by simply asking their current insurer to match a competing quote. We provide this service for our clients and have an excellent record in achieving significant savings without changing the level of cover.


Multiple Pensions: With increased jobs mobility and most people expected to have a number of “careers” in their working lifetime, managing and understanding the combined pension benefits from these careers can be challenging.

We can gather the information from these pensions and advise on whether they are sufficient to address your retirement requirements or the most appropriate strategy to adopt going forward with regards to the appropriateness of contributions levels and investment strategy.

Restructuring Pensions: When you are considering transferring benefits between schemes or negotiating terms of employment, or where an employer is looking to restructure an existing benefits package, decisions and choices will have to be made. We advise on: Self Employed — Personal Pension or PRSA options, Employee — AVC or PRSA options, Owner/Director — Executive Pension Plan or Self Administered Schemes.

Whatever your situation, we can provide advice as to the appropriateness of investment strategy, contribution levels and income expectations and competitiveness (or not) or investment structures or policies either in force or being considered.

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