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Pensions and Risk Schemes
We advise companies on the complex range of pension structures they may face, including defined contribution, defined benefit, PRSA, and/or executive pension schemes.
We provide independent consultancy services where we work with clients to advise and structure a group pension scheme that matches the risk profile of the members whilst taking into account budget constraints on contributions and fees. We provide services ranging from:

  • Pension administration
  • Professional trustee — solely or as a member of a board of trustees

Risk Schemes

We negotiate the most competitive terms and pricing for both life assurance and permanent health insurance (including pooled insurance) schemes for our clients. Structuring these schemes correctly results in significant savings being made.


We work closely with competent and professional financial brokers, with a clear commitment acting as Trustees. We are of course, required to fulfil our regulatory and governance duties.
In terms of investment oversight our duties as Trustees are to ensure an adequate default fund option and that a range of investment strategies is available and communicated to members appropriate to their risk preferences and lifecycle but in all situations to date, the financial advisor has already put in place the correct strategies with Mount Street effectively signing off on same.


For businesses their single greatest asset is their people, we help companies insure against the loss of key personnel through illness or even death. We provide services to all types of business entities to cover off these exposures through tax effective insured structures.


Independent professional trustees such as Mount Street are often appointed to oversee a wind up of a pension scheme because they have the experience and knowledge necessary and also to avoid potential conflicts of interest which may arise for existing trustees.

As Trustee Mount Street can oversee the entire wind up of the scheme, ensuring that the administrator is providing the correct communication in the timelines specified in legislation.

Services we provide in the event of a pension scheme wind up can include:

  • Liaising with the Pensions Authority at all stages of the wind up
  • Preparing the communications for members or checking the communications for compliance where there are prepared by the registered administrator
  • Responding to enquiries from members and assisting in the processing of benefit payments throughout the wind up period
  • Conducting communications sessions on site in the company premises if required
  • Overseeing bulk transfer where required.
  • Tracing all potential beneficiaries, contacting various government departments and preparing notice for newspapers if necessary.

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